AOL protects its users by strictly limiting who can bulk send email to its users. Bulk mailers, email marketers, internet service providers, and email service providers who meet strict requirements can request to be placed on the AOL Allow List, while those who aren't will be block from sending such messages.

Apply for the AOL Allow List

From the AOL Postmaster website submit an AOL Acknowledged Bulk Sender Request. For more info on sending mail to AOL members, check out the Postmaster info page.

Apply for the Enhanced AOL Allow List

The Enhanced AOL Allow List a subset of the general Allow List where messages sent to members are displayed with images and links enabled. There is no manual consideration to be approved for this list.

The process to be added to the Enhanced Allow List is automatic and based on sending behavior for the past 30 days per each IP. Once a sender is on the list, they must stay with applicable standards or risk being removed.

What is the max number of emails I can send?

AOL's rules for flagging accounts and the filters AOL uses are complex and proprietary. We don't have a set number max emails that can be sent, and there's no answer to when the Community Action Team may flag an account.

If you're trying to send bulk messages and you keep getting errors, it may be that you've hit the limit for the day. It's best to try sending the messages again another day.