Advanced Search

You can narrow the scope of the results you receive by using the symbols provided in the below table. This can be particularly helpful when you are looking for very specific information on a wide topic.

Keep in mind that the more criteria you add, the fewer results you will receive. You may need to experiment a bit in order to figure out how much narrowing is required in order to get the ideal results.

+Finds webpages that contain all the terms that are preceded by the + symbol. Also allows you to include terms that are usually ignored.
" "Finds the exact words in a phrase.
()Finds or excludes webpages that contain a group of words.
AND or &Finds webpages that contain all the terms or phrases.
NOT or -Excludes webpages that contain a term or phrase.
OR or|Finds webpages that contain either of the terms or phrases.
  • By default, all searches are AND searches.
  • You must capitalise the NOT and OR operators. Otherwise, it will be ignored.
  • Stop words and all punctuation marks, except for the symbols noted in this topic, are ignored unless they are surrounded by quotation marks or preceded by the + symbol.
  • Only the first 10 terms are used to get search results.
  • Term grouping and Boolean operators are supported in the following preferred order:
  • parentheses ()
  • quotation marks ""
  • NOT + -
  • AND &
  • OR |
  • Because OR is the operator with lowest precedence, enclose OR terms in parentheses when combined with other operators in a search.
  • Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.