If you wish to terminate or cancel your AOL email account (your "AOL Web Services Account") you may simply discontinue your use of your AOL Web Services Account, or contact us.

If you have several Screen Names and email addresses linked to your AOL Web Services Account, you must use the email address linked to your main Master Screen Name, and include in the header the words TERMINATE MY ACCOUNT.

If you have any premium services such as McAfee, Computer Checkup or System Mechanic associated with your AOL Web Services account then you will not be able to cancel your account until you have cancelled the premium services first. You can cancel your premium service by logging into your online account at http://myaccount.aol.com/en-gb and terminating the product subscription.


The process as set out above applies only to your AOL Web Services Account provided by AOL (UK) Limited. If you use AOL Broadband and wish to cancel your internet access you will need to contact the provider of this service which is Talk Talk Telecom Limited. If you wish to cancel your AOL Broadband Internet Access service, call on 0844-499-5555. AOL (UK) Limited provides your AOL Web Services account free of charge. This means that regardless of who provides your internet access service, you may still keep your AOL screen name and access your email for no charge via: www.aol.co.uk.