If you’ve been granted Power of Attorney over someone and need to assume ownership of their AOL account, there are two ways to do so.

If you know the login credentials

If you already know the login credentials for the person’s AOL account, switching ownership is pretty easy.

1. Go to My Account and sign in.
2. Click My Profile | select Update Profile.
3. Click Update Contact Information and Update Profile Information and update the info in both places.
4. Going back to My Account, click My Wallet | select Payment Methods and update your payment info.

Tip icon.Finished? Once you update the payment Information, account ownership will automatically transfer to the person whose name is now on the credit card provided.

If you don’t know the login credentials

If you don’t know the login credentials for the account, we'll need you to provide a copy of the complete notarized Power of Attorney from the current billing contact on the account. You can send this to us by fax or regular mail, provided below.

When you send the Power of Attorney copy, remember to include your contact info and the AOL email address of the current account owner. Once we receive the documents, one of our representatives will get in touch with you within 3 business days to process the request.

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