AOL offers a large variety of searching, navigating and reading features that make it easier to digest info and news. There are different customization features, searching tips and ways to access information that you need to know about to maximize your ability to find the info you want or need.

Navigate features offers an abundance of features that have been tailored to the people who use it. The homepage has evolved to help simplify the media and news you digest.

News slideshow

AOL highlights featured stories, entertainment news, sports, and finance content. They also feature some of the latest national, world and video news. These stories are hand-picked and updated by AOL’s homepage editors. This news slideshow is the biggest content on the AOL homepage to illustrate how focused AOL is on offering the best news on the web.

Navigation column

Having quick access to your favorites is essential! Use the column on the left side of the page, under the AOL logo to access AOL Weather, AOL Mail, your Account Information, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Video, Sports, and Motoring!

Local News and Weather

Enter a Zip code or City to get real-time news and weather updates for your area.

Popular stories

The popular stories section has fun, engaging and important stories people are currently talking about. This section can be found in the middle of the homepage.

News headlines

Get the latest news headlines from the different categories including Local News and Weather, News Headlines, Entertainment News, Finance News, Lifestyle News, Sports News, Daily Horoscopes and more!

Use AOL Search

AOL Search is located at the top and bottom of the homepage, and searches the way you think. Keyword searches give you a wide variety of results without having to perform an advanced search. You are able to search less and discover more!

Type a desired word or phrase in the AOL Search field and hit the Enter key on your keyboard or Click the Search button. AOL Search will find the info you want.