The AOL app gives you instant access to all the great features you love about AOL Mail. Organize and filter emails, track your shopping, and verify legit emails all without ever leaving the app.

Navigate and filter emails

Find all the info you need quickly just by tapping on a few filters right from your inbox. The filters can be used to sort your inbox, find attachments, or even check out news and videos.

Organization will set you free

Never worry about individually deleting all your overwhelming emails again. Free up your inbox by using the one tap delete or mark as read feature. In addition, tap on the view all your folders in an instant to keep your productivity on point throughout the day.

Comprehensive security features

Your online safety and security are vitally important to us. One way to protect yourself is to make sure emails you open are actually from who you think they are. To help this, the AOL app will give you an alert if we believe that an email appears to be spoofed, with the option to mark it as spam.