An email's full headers include information about how it was routed and delivered as well as information about the true sender of the email. View the full headers to find out where an email was delayed or who really sent an email with a forged address.

View an email's full header

1. Sign in to your New AOL Mail account.
2. Click on an email to open it.
3. Click the More icon Image of the more options icon. | select View Raw Message.

Use header info to investigate problems

Find and block forged email address

Are you getting emails from an email address you blocked? Not sure if an email is really from who it says it is? An email sender can forge false information to make it look like the email came from a different address than it really did, but you can find the true information in the full header.

Find the true address

1. View the full header as described above
2. Compare the bottom From: address to the address in either the Received or Mailfrom field.
3. Confirm the real sending address in the top-most Received is the same as the one in Mailfrom.

Block or filter the true email address

Now that you have the true email address you can block or filter it.

Set up filters to automatically send these messages directly into folders, like Trash.
Block an address so you don't receive emails from it.

See where an email was delayed

Delivery records in the full headers show when each computer received the message. The first delivery is at the bottom; the newest at the top. If you find a large time gap between delivery records, that shows which computer delayed before sending it to the next computer.

1. View the full header as described above.
2. Find one or more lines that say "Received." These are delivery records.
3. Review these records to identify any delays.