AOL Mail uses many security measures to keep your account secure, one of which is CAPTCHA challenges when sending mail. These challenges exist to make it harder for hackers to access your accounts. The characters can't be read by a computer and must be entered manually, ensuring only a real person can pass the test.

Why am I being challenged?

Image challenges happen when we suspect suspicious activity on your account. This could be signing in from an unknown location, sending bulk emails, or anything else out of the ordinary to your account.

How do I stop multiple challenges?

If you've just passed an image challenge, but are immediately prompted by another, there may be an issue with your browser. Before you attempt another image challenge, clear the cache on your web browser.

If you're still prompted to retake the image challenge multiple times a day, you might have a more serious issue. Check out the AOL Security Center for access to recommended antivirus software and reset your password to make sure it's secure.

What do I do if I can't see the image?

If you can't see the image, make sure your browser preferences are set to display images and try again. Alternatively, you can listen to the image challenge by clicking on the audio icon.

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